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Potere Construction LLC serves as a Prime or Subcontractor with multi-tier abilities in industrial, municipalities, commercial, private, and heavy highway construction. Potere provides experienced construction managers, business professionals, and skilled tradesmen that are vested in the proper execution for each contract. Our common goal is to complete each project in accordance with safety standards and quality assurance, while adhering to the project timeline and budget.

Potere is a self-performing DBE contractor certified in Texas and Georgia.


What sets Potere Construction apart from the competition


  • Self Performance   

  • Experienced Staff     

  • Proficient Tradesman    

  • Ingenuity to handle a challenge    

  • Responsive and Responsible      

Potere Construction LLC has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry which includes Heavy Highway and Commercial. Our core focus is concrete. We pride ourselves with having the expertise to self perform in the following areas

  • Form Setting       

  • Rebar Installation      

  • Rip Rap     

  • Flumes      

  • Ditches/Toe Ditches   

  • TRF (Traffic Rail Foundation)     

  • Walls( MSE, Sound, Retaining)    

  • Steel Supplier/Rod Buster    

  • Mow Strip     

  • Coping              

  • Excavation/Grading      

  • Saw Cutting    

  • Maintenance Trails    

  • Regulator    

  • Backfill/Compaction      

  • Highway Paving     

  • Decking        

  • Foundations        

  • Inlets        

  • Ramps      

  • Integral Concrete       

  • Curb Gutter         

  • Drive Ways       

  • Parking Lots       

  • Sidewalks      

  • Demolition      

  • Weir      

  • Pump Station         

Potere Construction is certified to provide heavy machine lease and rental of equipment without operators.


  • Turner Construction    

  • Holder Construction     

  • Advance Paving     

  • Granite Construction   

  • City of Hurst    

  • Dallas County    

  • Austin Commercial    



237310: Concrete Paving (I.E., Highway, Road, TRF, Mow Strip, Rip Rap, Flumes, Gutters, Sidewalks, and other Flatwork)
237990: Retaining Walls, MSE Walls, Sound Walls, Construction
238110: Poured Concrete Foundation and Decking, Structures Contractor
238910: Concrete Breaking , Cutting, Demolition, Excavation, Grading Contractor
238120: Rebar Contractor (Supply and Tie Steel)         

238990: Paving, Commercial Parking Lots, Driveways, ADA Ramps
532412: Construction Machinery (Equipment Rental or Leasing without Operator)

  • Thalle Construction   

  • City of Fort Worth         

  • Ferrovial Construction    

  • Texas Sterling          

  • Austin Bridge & Road    

  • Webber Construction    

  • Balfour Beatty     

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